T-Mobile is Offering $300 OFF on iPhone X, Trade-in deals

T-Mobile offering you can get up to $300 off your new iPhone X, but it says it will give a credit of up to $300 for iPhone X buyers who trade in a recent vintage used iPhone,

The new iPhone will be going up for preorder starting this Friday, October 27th. Pre-orders can be made online at that time or in stores the following morning.

T-Mobile  Equipment Installment Plan iPhone X

Customers will need to pay  $279.99 down and $30 monthly payments for 24 months for a 64GB iPhone X. The 256GB model can be had for $429.99 down and $30 monthly payments for two years

T-Mobile  JUMP! On Demand Plan iPhone X

The iPhone X for $0 down and $41.56 monthly payments for 24 monthsfor a 64GB iPhone X. The 256GB iPhone X will be available for $429.99 down and $24 per month for 24 months.

The iPhone X is eligible for T-Mobile’s iPhone upgrade program. This means that when your iPhone X is 50 percent paid off, the $300 total discount comes in the form of 24 monthly bill credits. So, hypothetically, if your iPhone has a trade in value of $200, you’ll get that up front, with the extra $100 split up among 24 monthly discount.
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