Apple iPhone X First Look: Unboxing, Face ID Setup and More

The iPhone X is a phone that shows that Apple made an effort to create something special to commemorate the tenth anniversary. iPhone X price in is $999.00 for 64GB variant and 1,149.00 for 256GB variant.

 The phone doesn't have a Home button, so there are all new controls to learn if you want to do things like take screenshots, switch apps, and activate Siri. And because there’s no home button, you can’t unlock it with your fingerprint. But, you can use your face! Only with the X.

the new model has a glass back and front  using a custom glass developed for Apple by Corning sandwiching a strong stainless steel frame contributing to a substantial weightiness.

The screen is a really big part of this phone too. For the first time Apple is using what's called an OLED display, which has a better picture quality and better color representation than the old LCD displays they've been using since the very first iPhone

The first thing you’ll notice is that it looks unique. It’s a stainless steel frame and all screen, with little borders at the edges and a notch at the top.

Face ID takes under 30 seconds to set up, so getting the iPhone X up, running, and ready to recognize your face is incredibly fast. Face ID also seems to work quite reliably, and the new Animoji feature that comes alongside Face ID is fun to use.

Apple has made a change to the notification settings for its new iPhone. The iPhone X is going to hide notification previews automatically on the lock screen by default.

There’s other new stuff, too. You can now shoot portrait mode photographs with the selfie camera, which blurs the background of your photos.
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